About me.

I run MG4H, a butique digital marketing agency in Ljubljana, I'm 27 years old & love to experience new industries & challenges.

My experience.

Since I started out in 2012 I've helped dozens of clients create profitable campaigns, boost brand recognition & become popular on social media. Throughout my career I've had the privilege of working with an amazing team, which has allowed me to specialize in strategy & management.

My competences

Branding & Strategy

I believe everyone has an interesting story to tell. My role is to find it (& maybe to add a little sparkle).


Over the years I've not only learned how to do thing myself, but to recognize talent & delegate.


I'm not a developer. I do however know how to code.


Re-designed the company's website:

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Toyota Adria

Created extremely cost efficient influencer campaigns for CH-R and the Prius product launches.


Managed EU-wide media outreach campaigns resulting in dozens of high-impact articles.

ABC Accelerator

Oversaw the redesign of the organizations lead acquisition funnel, social media and SEM efforts, resulting in over a 15x increase in quality leads.

Suzuki Slovenia

Managed social channels for a year, which at the time became one of the fastest growing (engagement & follower wise) page's in Slovenia's car industry.

Subway Slovenija

Succesfuly managed the creation and execution of SEM & social media lead acquisition campaigns for franchise development.


Created and oversaw a succesful promotion & mediation a start-up competition event.


Consulted with them on marketing management & marketing strategy design, resulting in high sales growth.


Managed re-branding efforts & marketing materials creation.


Created and executed a christmas SEM campaign.

Brioni Yachts

Re-designed the company's website:

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EIT Digital

Created balkan-wide social media campagins to promote the organizations events.


Created a mobile advertising campaign with a 250% ROI.


Managed social media pages of several prominent brands such as Isostar & Blink.

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